La Union Mx Blend

Estados Mexicanos

Over the past decade, Mexico's Specialty Coffee scene has flourished, driven in large part by the passion of Mexican baristas and influenced by socio-political dynamics. As the landscape evolves, there's a notable push towards enhanced quality, innovative processing, and diverse varieties, resulting in some truly exceptional coffees.

Embark on a sensory journey through the world of Mexican coffee with our unique mezcla - a medley of distinct varieties, carefully washed and naturally processed, brought together by multiple producers to capture the dynamic narrative of the country in every sip.  


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Chiapas, Mexico

Bourbon Typica Mundo Novo Caturra

Washed & Natural

1200 - 1800 meters

Cantaloupe Clementine Honeysuckle

All coffee is roasted PER order to ensure IT IS fresh when it arrives at your door. PLEASE note roasting and fulfillment details below.

Orders PLACED by Monday 11AM (pst) are roasted Tuesday and shipped by Thursday.

Orders PLACED by Friday 11AM (pst) are roasted Sunday and shipped by Tuesday.