Civilian 2.0

Various origins

Civilian began as our only blend and as we grow our offerings this sweet, rich and deeply comforting coffee continues as a staple. This is a combination of largely washed coffees dusted with natural for hint of berry in every cup, all from producers committed to calidad. It's perfect for a cozy morning or on the weekend, this is the coffee we reach for over and over again.

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The Americas & East Africa

Regionally Dependent

Washed & Natural

1200 - 1800 meters

Rich Chocolate Dry Berries

All coffee is roasted PER order to ensure IT IS fresh when it arrives at your door. PLEASE note roasting and fulfillment details below.

Orders PLACED by Monday 11AM (pst) are roasted Tuesday and shipped by Thursday.

Orders PLACED by Friday 11AM (pst) are roasted Sunday and shipped by Tuesday.