Cafe de Olla Chocolate

Seahorse Chocolate x Civil

Cafe de la Olla coffee bar is a homage to a beverage traditionally made in Mexico. It's usually brewed strong, with coffee, piloncillo sugar, and cinnamon all steeped in a pot (olla). The flavor is typically rich and robust, but the finish is smoothed out by the spice and sweetener. The beverage is believed to have been brewed by nurses during the Mexican revolution to infuse Mexican guerrillas with energy to give the invaders hell.

Our Chocolate Coffee bar version is made with Tanzanian cocoa, Oaxacan coffee, Tahitian Vanilla, and a touch of organic sugar. It's the perfect pick-me-up treat.

Kokoa Kamilli, Tanzania

Oaxaca, Mexico

cocoa, coffee, cinnamon vanilla, sugar
65% cocoa, Vegan

All coffee is roasted PER order to ensure IT IS fresh when it arrives at your door. PLEASE note roasting and fulfillment details below.

Orders PLACED by Monday 11AM (pst) are roasted Tuesday and shipped by Thursday.

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