Aeropress Go

Gear up for adventures with the AeroPress Go, your new travel partner. Whether you’re flying, out in the wilderness, or just at work, the Aeropress Go brews filter, espresso, and cold brew-style coffee that can be enjoyed as-is or used in your drink concoctions. You’re good to go.

Includes: Mug with lid, 350 micro-filters in a storage carton, chamber, plunger, filter cap, filter holder, stirrer, and scoop.

Material: Polypropylene, Free of Phthalate, Free of BPA

Capacity: 8 oz.

3.7” (W) x 3.7” (D) x 5.3” (H) 


The Aeropress Go highlights bright and dynamic notes while retaining the oils from the coffee for a well-rounded flavor. We love how compact it is and how quick and easy it is to brew a great cup of coffee. Aeropress on the road! What could be better? 

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