La Angostura - Decaf

Chiapas, Mexico MWP Decaf

The Rio Grijalva plays a pivotal role in powering La Angostura, a  dam and reservoir project in Chiapas, Mexico.  Originating near the Guatemalan highlands, the river flows seamlessly into the Lagunas de Colon before reaching the dam. This expansive water body is instrumental in irrigating numerous coffee farms in the vicinity, providing essential water resources to thousands of coffee producers for cultivation, vegetable farming, and household electricity.

Herein the use of water in this wonderful Decaf's Mountain Water Process. Through a proprietary organic solution, coffee beans undergo a transformative journey. By utilizing the power of reverse osmosis, this process delicately removes over 99% of caffeine while preserving every other nuanced chemical compound that defines coffee. The outcome is delightfully remarkable, sweet and balanced profile.

Small scale producers

Chiapas, Mexico

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Mountain Water Processed Decaf

1500 - 1800 meters

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