El Triunfo - Instant Craft

Chiapas, Mexico

The highlands of Chiapas are home to a beloved species of bird known in Mexico as Cotorras, which symbolize authenticity and freedom. The area’s rich biosphere, organic practices, and high altitude create an ideal habitat for the Cotorras— and allow very small-scale coffee growers to produce this creamy, complex, and full-bodied coffee. A cup of El Triunfo brings notes of chocolate, spice, and berries, inviting you to find freedom in the day. 

Everything we love about this Mexico, now road-ready.


Las Cotorras


Chiapas, Mexico


Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Novo, Caturra




1300 - 1700 meters


Cacao, Berries, Brown Sugar, Citrus

All coffee is roasted PER order to ensure IT IS fresh when it arrives at your door. PLEASE note roasting and fulfillment details below.

Orders PLACED by Monday 11AM (pst) are roasted Tuesday and shipped by Thursday.

Orders PLACED by Friday 11AM (pst) are roasted Sunday and shipped by Tuesday.

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