Teotepec - Guerrero

Guerrero, Mexico

Cerro Teotepec is the highest peak in the state of Guerrero, located at 3,550 MASL in the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountain rage. Teotepec means “Cerro de Dios” or Hill of God, and it is an area surrounded by dense forest and ravines with a high concentration of biological diversity along the Pacific slope. It harbors diverse climates that provide optimal climatic conditions for coffee to grow.

Teotepec's cultivation unfolds through a unique partnership between 112 dedicated farmers in the Herbadera Association in Guerrero's La Montaña municipality.  Opting for a natural processing method has not only propelled quality,  but also elevated their coffees value. 

We're thrilled to be sharing this unique offering!

Herbadera Association

Guerrero, Mexico

Bourbon Caturra Typica

Natural Anaerobic

1500 - 1800 meters

Plum, Berries, Guayaba, Cacao

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