Lagunillas AAA Oaxaca

Oaxaca, Mexico

A Colectivo (community blend) is implemented across origins to maximize producers' market access and profitability opportunities. After years of collaborative work with the producers at Lagunilla, this coffee has achieved some of the highest quality and prices in Mexico.

Ripe coffee cherries are picked during the harvest, followed by a 24 to 36-hour fermentation period before removing the pulp. The coffee cherries are then processed in micro-mills at the farm level by coffee-growing families. The green is then allowed to dry over 12 days under native trees.

This micro lot coffee blooms beautifully in multiple brewing methods. Sweet notes of honey and plum Graham cracker, silky toffee, and cocoa nibs linger as a complex finish settles in.

Lagunilla Farming Community

San Pedro El Alto, Oaxaca

Typica, Bourbon, Marsellesa


1600 meters

Honey Plum Graham Cracker Silky Toffee Cocoa Nibs

All coffee is roasted PER order to ensure IT IS fresh when it arrives at your door. PLEASE note roasting and fulfillment details below.

Orders PLACED by Monday 11AM (pst) are roasted Tuesday and shipped by Thursday.

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