Finca Santa Rica


Luisa Pastora is not only a devoted mother and valued member of her community but also a seasoned coffee producer from Jinotega with an impressive 65-year tenure in the coffee industry. Following her husband's passing, Luisa assumed control of the farm, transforming it into a beacon of specialty coffee. Nestled in the picturesque El Saito community within Jinotega, Finca Santa Rica sits at an elevation of 1250 meters above sea level.

Embracing the specialty coffee journey 15 years ago, Luisa has spent the last 6 years partnering with Caravela in Nicaragua. With invaluable support from the PECA team, Luisa has honed her farm management practices and processing techniques, elevating the quality of her coffee. Central to her approach is selective harvesting, with each batch meticulously processed at the wet mill. Cherries undergo a meticulous floatation process to remove lower-density ones, ensuring only the finest beans proceed to fermentation. The coffee is then de-pulped and transferred to concrete fermentation tanks, where it undergoes a meticulous 36-hour fermentation period. Following this, the coffee is carefully dried at Caravela's La Concordia facility on raised beds for 13-15 days. 

Driven by a desire to produce exceptional coffee, Luisa strives for quality to secure sustainable prices that cover production costs and farm investments. She expresses her gratitude to coffee buyers, hoping for continued support to ensure the sustainability of her farm.

Luisa Pastora

Jinotega, Nicaragua




Rich Chocolate Dry Berries, White Fruits, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Florals

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